Cookies and Cream Apples

I cannot believe that fall is here.  Just yesterday it seemed like we were getting ready for summer and the beautiful summer weather.  Now it is starting to get cold out and we are getting ready for fall food.  My favorite part of the fall is all of the fall festivals and the fall food.  The best … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Chunk Toffee Cookies

 For the fourth year in a row I have participated in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  The Cookie Swap is where food bloggers get together, bake cookies, send them to other bloggers, and blog about the cookies they made.  I was paired up with three other bloggers who I sent a dozen cookies to and … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Reese’s S’mores Dip

  My favorite treat of the summer is s'mores.  You can't go wrong with a s'more and they aren't just good for the summer, I love them all year round.  Yesterday was National S'mores Day and I tried to get this delicious treat up in time, but I didn't get a chance.  Even though National S'mores Day … [Read more...]

Carrot Cake White Chocolate Gooey Bars

I cannot believe how fast this year is going.  I am so glad it is spring already.  I am excited to be able to spend time outside and see all the flowers start to grow.  I am also excited that Easter will be here soon.  Since my oldest son is almost 4, he will really understand the Easter egg hunts … [Read more...]

Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake

One of the first flavors I think about around Valentine's Day is strawberry.  I love strawberries and it is one of my favorite fruits and I love anything strawberry flavored. One of my favorite types of ice cream is strawberry and I love strawberry cake.  My husband is the same way, so I know that I … [Read more...]

Strawberries and Cream Hand Pies

I cannot believe that it is already February.  This year is going really fast so far.  I mean my baby is already almost 5 months old, which is crazy because it seems like just yesterday that he was born.  At the same time though it feels like he has been part of our lives for a long time.    My 3 … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

My ultimate favorite dessert is cheesecake.  I don't make cheesecake a lot because my husband is not a fan.  However, both of our families love cheesecake so I always make it for special occasions.  A lot of people think that cheesecake is hard to make, but it really isn't.  My base recipe calls for … [Read more...]

Melon White Chocolate Shortcake Parfaits

Since it is August, it is the perfect time for melons, specifically honey dew melon and cantaloupe.  As I have said before, these are my husbands favorite fruits and we always like to buy them when they are in season.  My grocery store sells them year round, but I always think that they taste the … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Funfetti Poke Cake

Last week was my 2nd Blogiversary.  I cannot believe that I have been blogging for two years.  I really love blogging and all the components of it. I love the baking, photographing, and the writing and managing of my blog. I also think its so great how much my blog has grown in 2 years. I still want … [Read more...]

Biscoff Pumpkin Cheesecake

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving will be here in less than a month.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, which is funny because I am not the biggest fan of turkey.  I love all the side dishes though and make sure to fill up on those.  To me though Thanksgiving is all about the desserts. … [Read more...]