Maple Bacon Cinnamon Monkey Bread

  One of my husband's favorite foods is cinnamon buns.  He is a huge fan of cinnamon buns and used to eat at least one a day when we are in college.  He doesn't do that anymore, but he is still a fan.  Another one of his favorite foods is bacon.  He loves almost anything that has bacon in it and … [Read more...]

Rudolph Cinnamon Rolls

One of my favorite days of the year is Christmas.  I love seeing all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning and love to see my family open their presents.  It is especially fun now that we have a 3 year old. He is so excited for Santa and I can't wait to have him see all the presents left … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

 When I think of fall one of the first foods that I think of are apples.  Now that fall has rolled around I have been trying to make a bunch of apple flavored foods and desserts.  I thought that it would be great to combine apples with one of my favorite breakfasts/desserts, cinnamon rolls.  This is … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cinnamon Rolls

Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank?  If not, it is a show where inventors or people with new businesses come in front of rich investors to try to get them to invest.  We were watching a couple of weeks ago and there was this couple on that were trying to get the investors to invest in their … [Read more...]