Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffle Brownie Pie

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffle Brownie Pie tastes fantastic.  It is a pie layered with pie crust, brownie, chocolate chip cookie truffle, then topped with whipped cream. In my opinion, Thanksgiving and the holidays are the perfect time for pie.  I love to make pies for Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Strawberry Cake Muddy Buddies

  Your probably thinking, Alyssa, what is with the strawberry flavored dessert? Its fall, this is the time for apples and pumpkins, not strawberries.  Because October is breast cancer awareness month I wanted to make something pink in honor of my mother, a breast cancer survivor. Strawberry … [Read more...]

Baked Chocolate Pumpkin Donuts

Baked Chocolate Pumpkin Donuts that are topped with a delicious chocolate ganache topping. In our family we love donuts, whether they are for breakfast or dessert, they are always a big hit.  I love any kind of donut with chocolate on top. Since it is fall, I decided to make a pumpkin … [Read more...]

Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Apples

These Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Apples are a delicious variation on the traditional caramel apple that includes dark chocolate and crushed pretzel pieces.   One of my favorite parts of the fall is caramel apples.  I love going to different fall festivals and getting caramel apples.  Every … [Read more...]

Chocolate Pretzel Granola Bars

These Chocolate Pretzel Granola Bars are a delicious no-bake snack that combines chocolate with the saltiness of pretzels. My husband is a teacher and has been off all summer.  Today is his first day back at school.  This week he has inservice days and then next week is his first week … [Read more...]