Strawberry Nutella Pull Apart Bread

Valentine's Day is almost here! My husband and I don't have a lot planned.  We like to go on dates throughout the year, so Valentine's Day is not as much of a big deal.  Plus Valentine's Day gets a lot harder when you have kids.  It is hard to find a sitter, because everyone wants to go out and has … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Muddy Buddies

The past few days I have been making a lot of treats for Valentine's Day.  I really love all the Valentine's Day flavors, especially anything with chocolate.  One of my favorite Valentine's Day flavors is red velvet, I love the rich chocolate flavor of red velvet. I decided to make one of my … [Read more...]

Chocolate Raspberry Pretzel Bites

When it gets close to a holiday, I always like to look for all the seasonal candy.  I love seeing new flavors of my favorite candy. These Hershey Raspberry Hugs are no exception, i love the combination of the white chocolate, chocolate, and raspberry flavors. I decided to make Pretzel Bites with … [Read more...]

Chocolate Strawberry Dip

This Chocolate Strawberry Dip is a delicious dip that contains chopped strawberries and chocolate bar pieces.  This would be great for any party! I can't believe how soon Valentine's Day is, I think that this year is going really fast so far. The first flavor combination I think of … [Read more...]