Bacon Ranch Parmesan Popcorn

  Are you excited for the big game this weekend?  I know that I am!  Though to be honest, my favorite things about the game are the food and the commercials.  I like watching football, but don't care as much when my favorite team is not in it.   We usually like to make a bunch of different … [Read more...]

Peeps Marshmallow Popcorn Eggs

My son is so excited that Easter is coming up soon.  We went to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny last weekend and this weekend we have an Easter egg hunt with some friends.  I decided I wanted to make a cute Easter treat that my son could help me make.  I thought it would be great to use Peeps in … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Caramel Chocolate Popcorn

This Sugar Free Caramel Chocolate Popcorn is made using Werther's Original Sugar Free Candies. This popcorn makes a delicious sugar free snack.   Most of the time I try to eat healthier but I always like my sweets.  Especially around the holidays it is harder to eat healthier.  My dad and my … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Caramel Apple Popcorn and Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy

Over the winter months, I always seem to gain weight.  This winter was no exception, but it was worse than usual, I gained about 10 pounds in 6 months.  This was a lot for me to gain and I have been trying to shed some of that weight.  The problem is that I am a food blogger and I love to cook and … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Popcorn

My husband and I both love anything that is peanut butter flavored.  One time when we went to a party at my friend's house, she served peanut butter popcorn.  I decided to try to make it for myself and it was easy to make and it tasted really good.  It didn't turn out as sweet as my friend's, it was … [Read more...]