Skinny Spaghetti and Meatballs

Now that the holidays are over I really need to lose some of the holiday weight.  I ate so much over the holidays and I am sure I gained a few pounds.  I don't really know, because I'm a little afraid to weight myself.  I usually try to eat somewhat healthy, of course I indulge in desserts, but I … [Read more...]

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

I am always looking for recipes that are easy for the weeknights so that I don't have to spend as much time cooking dinner.  When I get home from work I want to spend as much time with my son and husband as possible and less time cooking dinner.   This Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta is a great homemade … [Read more...]

Yellow Squash Penne in a Butter Parmesan Sauce

My mother-in-law gave us a yellow squash from her garden and we weren't sure what to do with it.  I found this pasta recipe, and had to try it.  This pasta is so delicious!! We bought more squash just so that we could make it again.  The squash with the butter and parmesan sauce is fantastic!!  Even … [Read more...]

Sausage with Penne and Vodka Sauce

About 3 years ago my husband and I went on a cruise to Canada.  We left from New York City and stopped at St. John, New Brunswick, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We had a great time!  One night for dinner, I didn't feel like having anything else on the menu, so I picked pasta with vodka sauce.  I had … [Read more...]

Baked Spaghetti

This month's Crazy Cooking Challenge was Spaghetti.  It had to be spaghetti and had to be red sauce.  The challenge for me is that I am not the biggest fan of traditional spaghetti.  When we cook pasta, its usually penne and I never use spaghetti.  I thought it would be good to find a casserole or … [Read more...]