Apple Peach Carrot Smoothie

I have been trying to eat a little healthier during the new year and lose some of my pregnancy weight.  For about a month or so I have been having some stomach issues and I ended up seeing a doctor about it.  My doctor thought that I might be having some digestion issues so they put me on a low fat low fiber diet.  This was during the holidays so at some of the holiday parties and on New Year’s I was very limited on what I could eat.
This was one of the worst diets I have ever been on. I think there is a big difference between choosing to diet on your own and a doctor telling you to diet.  Plus, during the diet I was hungry all the time and I actually felt worse because I wasn’t getting the necessary nutrition that I needed.  Also I was pretty sure that I didn’t have what the doctor thought I did and that there was no reason to put me on this diet.  When I went back in to the doctor earlier this week, I was told that I didn’t have to be on the diet anymore.  I think some of my issues are starting to resolve themselves by upping medication I was already on.
On the diet I was on, I couldn’t really have any fruits or vegetables unless they were cooked and even then it was limited because they are high in fiber.  Really the only thing I could eat were chicken, fish, some cooked fruits and vegetables, broth, white bread, eggs, pretzels, and smoothies.  It was an awful two weeks.  Even though the fruits weren’t cooked in a smoothie I was allowed to have them because drinks digest differently.
The diet was horrible, but I guess one good thing to come out of it is that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, even though I have some more weight to lose.  Another good thing was this smoothie that I made.  It was delicious and was really high in nutrients.  Even though I am no longer on the diet, I plan on making this smoothie again.
This Apple Peach Carrot Smoothie is delicious and it is really high in nutrients.  The addition of the carrot not only gives great nutrients, it also makes sure that you are getting some vegetables as well.  While I do not mind green smoothies, I like the addition of carrot instead, since it is sweeter than greens.  My 3 year old, who hates vegetables, loved this smoothie.  He even knew that there was carrot in it, but he was willing to eat it because it was in smoothie form.  This is a great way to make sure your kids are getting some vegetables.  This is a delicious smoothie that I will be making again!

Apple Peach Carrot Smoothie


  • 1 1/2 cups apple juice (I used organic 100% apple juice)
  • 1 carrot, sliced
  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup - 1 cup ice


  1. Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend together until smooth.


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