Caramel Chocolate Cracker Treats

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 My one big food weakness is candy, I love candy and I love checking out all the new candy that comes out. I always like seeing what they come up with next and picking out my new favorite candy.  Living really close to Hershey also doesn’t hurt.  I always love going to the Hershey’s® store and checking out what new candy they have come out with.  When we were in Hershey two weeks ago I saw that they have a new candy out, LANCASTER Soft Crèmes.

LANCASTER Soft Crèmes are new soft caramels that are inspired by Milton Hershey’s original recipe.  I love how soft and creamy they are and they are really easy to chew.  The LANCASTER Soft Crèmes taste great and they come in three great flavors, Caramel, Vanilla and Caramel, and Vanilla and Raspberry.  These delicious caramels really help you “reimagine your caramel.”  I decided to pick up all 3 flavors to try.  I really loved the regular caramel flavor the best but the other flavors were really good as well.  My husband said that the Vanilla and Raspberry Cremes were his favorite.   I decided to make Caramel Chocolate Cracker Treats using the LANCASTER Caramel Soft Crèmes.

These Caramel Chocolate Cracker Treats are incredibly easy to make and are super delicious.  They are made by combining chocolate chips and LANCASTER Caramel Soft Crèmes on a buttery and salty cracker.  The combination of chocolate, caramel, and salt from the cracker tastes fantastic and is a great gooey treat.  I really loved how easy these are to make, they are great to make for a quick treat or even to make quickly before a party.  My whole family devoured them and we plan on making them again soon!

Caramel Chocolate Cracker Treats

Caramel Chocolate Cracker Treats


  • LANCASTER Caramel Soft Crèmes
  • Buttery and salty round crackers
  • Hershey’s® Semi-Sweet chocolate chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Remove the wrappers from the caramel candies (I used about 23 caramels).  Cut each caramel in half and set the caramel pieces aside. 
  3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  For each cracker treat (I made 15) place 2 crackers upside down on a cookie sheet.  Place 3 caramel pieces on one side of the cracker and 8 chocolate chips on the second cracker.  Then repeat for each cracker treat.  
  4. Bake for 5 minutes.  Gently pick up the cracker with the chocolate pieces and press on top of the cracker with the caramel pieces to create a sandwich.

Recipe adapted from Lancaster Soft Cremes.  


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