Bacon Chicken Ranch Quesadilla

I love making quesadillas because they are an easy go to meal.  We make sure to always keep tortillas in the house, so when we don’t know what else to make we make quesadillas.  The nice thing about quesadillas is that we can make our own individual quesadilla and have whatever kind we feel like having.  

One of my favorite flavor combinations is Bacon Chicken Ranch.  I have made dips, sandwiches, and pizza with this combination.  For some reason I never thought to put the ingredients together in a quesadilla until I saw this recipe from Plain Chicken.  

These quesadillas were so delicious! I really love the Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch combination in the quesadilla.  Of course my favorite thing about the quesadilla is how easy it is to make.  Quesadillas are really a great dinner idea for nights on the run.  Make sure you try this delicious quesadilla!

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Bacon Chicken Ranch Quesadilla
(Recipe adapted from Plain Chicken)
1 large tortilla

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1-2 ounces chicken, cubed
1-2 tablespoons Ranch Dressing
2 slices cooked bacon

1.  Grease a skillet and and put over medium heat.  Put the tortilla in the skillet and cover the whole tortilla with cheddar cheese.  Add the chicken and bacon on one side of the tortilla.   Then add the ranch dressing on top of the chicken and bacon. 

3.  Once the cheddar cheese begins to melt, fold the cheese only side over the chicken side of the tortilla.   Cook for 2 minutes then flip to the other side of the quesadilla.  Cook for another 2 minutes, each side should be browned and crispy.   Remove from heat. To serve cut the quesadilla into 3 pieces.  

*This makes one quesadilla


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  1. I love quesadillas too! These sounds great!!
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