Chocolate Mocha Cake Pops

This week I am sharing recipes that I made for son’s first birthday party.  His party was a puppy themed.  I already shared Biscoff Puppy Chow and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark.  I also made these Chocolate Mocha Cake  Pops.  

These cake pops were so delicious.  For the frosting I used the Mocha flavor of the Duncan Hines frosting creations.  This frosting is so cool, you can stir a frosting packet into the frosting to create different flavors.  These cake pops were really moist.  These would be great for any celebration.

In honor of my son having a puppy party, I turned some of these cake pops into puppy cake pops or Cake Pups.  I used directions from Bakerella and from Seven Year Cottage and combined the two.  Mine came out okay but they did not keep well in the packaging that I put them in, the pieces kept coming off.  So, if you make these, do not put them in any packaging.  They are so cute and perfect for a puppy party!
Chocolate Mocha Cake Pops
(makes about 45 cake pops)
1 box devil’s food cake mix (bake as directed on the package for a 13×9 cake)
1 can of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations with Mocha flavor packet
3 cups Semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
1.  After the cake is baked, cool completely.  Once cooled crumble into a bowl.
2.  Mix together with the mocha frosting, using your hands to mix.
3.  Roll the mixture into balls and then freeze for about 20 minutes or refrigerate for a couple of hours to set up. 
4.  Roll the balls into the melted chocolate and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Use a little bit of vegetable oil stirred into the chocolate chips before melting to get smoother chocolate. Only melt about 1 cup of the chocolate chips at a time because it will cool and harden.  
5.  Refrigerate or freeze until the chocolate is set.  
6.  Then slide the lollipop sticks into the cake pops.  You can also do this before dipping in the chocolate, but I found it easier to do at this point.
Cake Pups
(Recipe adapted from Bakerella and the Seven Year Cottage)
Cake pops
Chocolate candy melts
Edible ink pen
Mini M&M’s
1.  Cut the chocolate candy melts in half and glue onto the cake pops with a dab of left over frosting from making the cake pops.
2.  Cut the Mini M&M’s in half to make the nose and glue on with a dab of leftover frosting.
3.  Draw the eyes and mouth with a black edible ink pen.  

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  1. These cake pops are adorable. I’m sure tasty too :) The kids must have loved them!

  2. First – happy birthday to your son!!

    Second – these cake pops are awesome! I loooooooooove the puppy ones – so cute :)

  3. coming over from Keeping it Simple linky party– i’m amazed at how cute your pops look! i made cake pops once and they looked AWFUL! these look delish!

  4. They look so cute. I wonder if sticking on the choc melts and the M&M’s would have worked better if you had used a dab of melted chocolate? (or just stuck them to the cake pops while the outer choc was still soft).

    • Thanks! I never thought to use melted chocolate as the binding, I think that would work much better. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Yay! so glad you linked these up. I saw them come up on my newsfeed last night and was drooling over them!

  6. The cake pups look so cute and delicious!

  7. Love this! Thanks for sharing! We would love to have you link up with our party!

  8. These are so cute and look delish! (of course, it’s chocolate!:) ) I love cake pops!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yum, these look great. I am sure they were very tasty too.

  10. So cute!

  11. So adorable. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  12. Wow these are cute.

  13. Great use of chocolate. I found you via the Real Housewives of Riverton Recipe Round up. I linked in a post about a retro dish called Coronation Chicken. Have a lovely week.